U.P. Map Face Masks

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Our U.P. Map Masks constitute the absolute pinnacle of Yooper Fashionista wear.  Note the U.P. Map discreetly printed on the lower right side in perfect color coordination with the pattern. Now you can wear the Map on your face and let the whole world know your Yooper loyalty.

Made of 100% cotton with a soft unbleached muslin lining. Our U.P. Masks are pleated with soft, stretchable ear straps that help you stay safe and comfortable.

Twelve patterns to choose from.

Our U.P. Map Face Masks are made by a genuine and authentic Yooper.  She knows how to pronounce "sauna" and bakes a mean pasty.  Each Mask guaranteed to cover up that portion of the wearers face with 100% of the fabric whenever worn correctly.

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